• 2019 MONster and Senior Point Results (August)

    2019 MONster & Aug Points Results

    2019 August 31 MONster and Senior Points Competition Results

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    What a great day, as usual the MONster Comp run smoothly under the watchful eye of Jane & Jimmy Bradbury. Brilliant Job once again to both of you and your helpers.

    Senior Points Competition Run also went well, tried a couple of different things in preparation for the Australian Master Games and this years SA International Open like the trail of the DJ and some commentary from Jimmy Bradbury and Mark Skanes. We also were trailing two mat areas at once which seemed to go well also.

    Please don’t forget to send any photos to #Team JudoSA so we can publish them. Thanks

  • 2019 May Senior Points Competition

    Today saw the May Senior Points Competition, Thank you to all players who attended the event and for making the afternoon great. There was some amazing throws, some very quick fights!!!  friendly banter going on between players. So Congratulations to all, from the winners, to the judoka competing in their first ever competition. See you all at the next Competition!! Don’t forget if you were on the side lines and took photos please don’t forget to #TeamJudoSA so we can include them in social media Posts.

    2019 Senior Points May Competition Results
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    2019 May Seniors Points Pools
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  • 2019 State Titles Results

    On the 13 April 2019 JudoSA held their State Titles event which saw 68 Competitors with 98 fights. What a brilliant day.

    2019 State Titles Results
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    2019 State Titles Pools Sheets
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  • 2019 Autumn Championships Results

    The first Competition for the year was hosted by Kangaroo Judo Club (KJC) and ran smoothly, thanks to the host club and all the volunteers and officials. The Championships were preceded by a MONSters an Kyu Capers run by Kazoku Judo Club and supported by KJC.

    Results for the event can be downloaded here…

    Summary Results

    2019 Autumn Championships Summary Results
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    Pool Sheets for Autumn Championships

    2019 Autumn Championships Results Pool sheets
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  • 2019 MIJO SA Results

    JudoSA had a good representation at this year’s Melbourne International Judo Open. The results can be downloaded below.

    2019 MIJO SA Results
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  • 2018 JudoSA State Titles Results

    The State Titles last Sunday, hosted by Gawler Judo Club were a successful event. The Best Competitor Award for the day was judged by 5 Coaches and was awarded to Tara Hobby from Parafield Gardens Judo Club! Congratulations Tara! The $100 cash prize for the best tachiwaza ippon was also judged by the 5 Coaches, all from different Clubs, and was awarded to Nathan Freeman from Kangaroo Judo Club for his beautiful Ouchigari! Congratulations Nathan!

    Summary Results and Pool Sheets can be downloaded here…

    2018 JudoSA State Titles Summary Results
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    2018 State Titles Pool Sheets and Results
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  • 2018 SAIO Results

    SAIO 2018 on Saturday 13th October was a very successful event. Congratulations to all the players and medal winners for some excellent judo. Two players competed in both the kata and shiai. The Westminster School venue worked well again for the competition, accommodation and dinner after the event. JudoSA would like to thank all the dedicated volunteers, referees and officials for their contribution over the weekend. And a special thank you to our interstate players and parents who traveled over to Adelaide for the event.

    The results and pools sheets can be downloaded below…

    2018 SAIO Results redacted
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    2018 SAIO Kata Results
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  • 2018 Spring Championships Results

    Summary Results…

    2018 Spring Championships Summary Results
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    Senior Mens Pool Sheets…

    2018 Spring Championships Senior Men Pool Sheets
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  • 2018 July Class B Seniors Competition

    Results & Pool Sheets…  

    2018 July Class B Seniors Competition Results
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  • 2018 Winter Championships

    Summary Results…

    Winter Championships 2018 - Results
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    Pool Sheets… 

    Winter Championships 2018 - Pool Sheet
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