Coaching Committee

This operational committee, appointed by the JudoSA Board, is responsible for the formal accreditation for JudoSA coaches, conducting coaching seminars and participating in the appointment of JudoSA State Team Coaches.
NamePositionDate Appointed
Chris HustigChairDecember 2012
Kevin FreemanMemberApril 2013
Kieran TurnbullMemberSeptember 2012
Leigh O'ShaughnessyMemberJanuary 2017
Masahiko MotoyamaMemberNovember 2019
Nathan FreemanMemberMay 2021
Mark AspertiMemberMay 2021


Events Committee

This operational committee, appointed by the Board, is responsible for the organisation and running of all JudoSA competition events.
NamePostionDate Appointed
Roman ZeitzChairNovember 2021
Sean WrightTournament DirectorNovember 2016
Bob PearceReferees' representativeNovember 2016
Graham AndersonMemberNovember 2016
Chris CoelleMemberMay 2018
Jannie De KlerkMember
Hannah BradburyMemberJuly 2023


Grading Technical Board and Grading Panel (Grades Committee)

This operational committee appointed by the JudoSA Board, is responsible for assessing and recommending dan grades to the Board and JFA. Minimum rank to be appointed to this committee is sandan (3rd dan).
NamePositionDate Appointed
Nathan FreemanChairAppointed 2020
Michael Headland (Roku dan)MemberAppointed May 2015
Dave MacDonald (Go dan)MemberAppointed 2015
Brenton Pring (Yon dan)MemberPanel Member Dec 2016
Meera Verma (Yon dan)MemberAppointed 2015
Harry Hustig (Yon dan)MemberAppointed 2015
Chris Hustig (Yon dan)MemberAppointed 2015
Masahiko Motoyama (San dan)MemberAppointed 2018


Referees Committee

This operational committee, appointed by the JudoSA Board, is responsible for training and accreditation of all JudoSA Referees at Club and State Level, and for recommending referees for National level accreditation. The Chair coordinates the Referees Commission for each JudoSA competition event.
NamePositionDate Appointed
Bob PearceChairDecember 2012
Chris HustigMemberDecember 2012
Peter CusickMemberDecember 2012


Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

This committee of the Board assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities relating to financial reporting, internal controls, compliance and risk management.
NamePositionDate Appointed
Sean PowerChairFebruary 2016
Maria MaieliMemberFebruary 2016
Ben SchoferMemberFebruary 2016


Governance Committee

This committee of the Board has been set up to provide ongoing review and improvement to the governance arrangements for the sport of Judo in South Australia. The governance arrangements of JudoSA shall be designed to reflect and support the vision and strategic plan of the Organisation.
NamePositionDate Appointed
Daryl PayneChairAppointed February 2017
Yoshiya TodenMemberAppointed November 2015
Bruce NicholsonMemberAppointed 2015


Nomination Committee

This committee of the Board is appointed to assist the Board in selection of individuals to be appointed as directors and members of key committees and appointments.
NamePositionDate Appointed
Caroline AndrewsMemberAppointed July 2021
Brett CrosbyMemberAppointed June 2021
Brenton HobbbyMemberAppointed June 2021


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