What is JudoSA?

JudoSA is an Association of members and as a Member State of the Judo Federation of Australia Ltd. (JFA), is the peak body for the administration of Judo in South Australia.

The Association is established and maintained to act as the sole South Australian affiliated member of the JFA in accordance with the constitution and policies of the JFA, and to maintain and enhance standards, quality and reputation of Judo for the collective and mutual benefit and interest of Members and Judo in SA.

Why have a state level Judo body?

A state level body is required to formulate policies for the control and conduct of judo in South Australia, to promote, control, manage and conduct Judo events, competitions and championships in SA, and also to prepare and enter South Australian teams in national Judo competitions. The state body is needed to promote the sport of Judo for commercial, government and public recognition.

Refereeing Knowledge Certificate for Dan Grades


  1. Knowledge of the IJF Refereeing Rules is a prerequisite for Candidates presenting for Dan grade rank promotion.
  2. The Candidate should contact the Judo SA Referees Director via email identifying the date that they intend to present for their grading.
  3. The Judo SA Referees Director will then forward the Candidate links and information, via return email, pertaining to the IJF Refereeing Rules.
  4. Approximately 7-10 days after this the Judo SA Referees Director will forward, via email, an 'IJF Refereeing Rules Theory Exam Paper' for completion by the Candidate.
    The completion of this paper is to confirm a suitable level of knowledge and understanding of these Refereeing Rules.
  1. It is the responsibility of the Candidate to return this completed paper to the Judo SA Referees Director a MINIMUM of 5 weeks prior to the date of the grading to allow time for checking and cross-checking the answers (it is an established requirement that TWO members of the Judo SA Referees Committee check the answers to minimise the possibility of human oversight).
  2. A Letter of Achievement (identifying the 'exam result') is then forwarded to the Candidate, and a confirmation Letter forwarded to the Chair - Judo SA Grading Committee.
Working With Children Checks

People working or volunteering with children in South Australia must, by law, have a Working with Children Check.

A Working with Children Check is an assessment of whether a person poses an unacceptable risk to children. As part of the process, the Screening Unit will look at criminal history, child protection information and other information.

To apply for a working with children please click on the link below:

Working With Children Check

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