Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for setting and implementing JudoSA’s strategy. The Strategy is set in consultation with members via an annual Clubs Forum. The Board is also responsible for financial and risk management, as well as appointments to key operational committees. An active board enables the organisation to be run effectively by applying good governance principles and practices.

President – Mark Skanes

Email: president@judosa.com.au
Elected: August 2018

Secretary – Caroline Hobby

Email: secretary@judosa.com.au
Elected: August 2019

Treasurer – Casey Sheridan

Email: treasurer@judosa.com.au
Elected: August 2019


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Steve Brown Elected Aug 2018

Jason Polgreen Elected Aug 2019 (fills casual vacancy to AGM 2020)


Peter Ross

Elected Aug 2019


Harry Hustig
Elected Aug 2018

John Kouzaba
Appointed Director
(Appointed till Aug-2020)
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