Notice of JudoSA Special General Meeting – 24 March 2017

As you are aware JudoSA is a Member Organisation of the Judo Federation of Australia and as such is bound by its rules and regulations. It is a condition of membership, under the provisions of the JFA constitution, that Member Organisations constituent documents (i.e. their constitutions) and rules are consistent with the JFA´s constitution and rules and in particular that they clearly reflect the Objects of the JFA.

On 17/8/12 JudoSA adopted a new constitution which mirrored that of the JFA, thereby meeting the aforementioned condition of membership.
Recently the JFA has transitioned from and incorporated association to a company limited by guarantee under the provisions of the Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001. In order to meet certain statutory requirements for becoming a company a number of amendments to its existing constitution became necessary. As a result JudoSA´s constitution (and by extension the other state and territory Member Organisations) is no longer consistent with that of the JFA, particularly in respect to its Objects which have undergone a complete revision.
Daryl Payne, who is the Chair of the JFA´s Governance Committee and the person who drafted the JFA´s new constitution for the purpose of becoming a company, has drafted the necessary amendments to JudoSA´s constitution in order that JudoSA continues to meet the requirement to be consistent with the JFA´s constitution and rules. This draft has been laid before JudoSA´s Board for consideration and, subject to some minor to wording changes for the purpose of clarity suggested by the Chair Stephen McEwen, the Board approved the draft amendments.
Subsequently, this matter was placed on the agenda of the Strategic Forum of Member Clubs held on Sunday 4/12/16. Daryl Payne attended the forum and spoke on the subject and answered questions from the floor. He also distributed hard copies of a document which outlined the proposed changes and the reasons and purpose for them. However, for these amendments to be formally approved and adopted the Members of JudoSA must pass a Special Resolution in General Meeting to that effect.
In order for this to occur the Board is calling a Special General Meeting (SGM) to be held on Friday 24/3/17 commencing at 7.30 pm.
Attached please find the following documents relating to the SGM:
1. Notice of SGM
2. Agenda for SGM
3. Information sheet relating to proposed amendments to the constitution
4. Copy of the Constitution as it will read if approved (with proposed amendments in red)
5. Postal Ballot papers.
6. Postal voting instructions.

Should you have any questions or concerns in relation to this matter please contact Daryl Payne on 0438 269 216.

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