Notice of Dan Grading

Notice of Dan Grading

A Shodan to Sandan Grading Examination will be held on

Sunday, 20th May 2018, (Venue to Be Advised)

If required, the mats will be placed down by the CANDIDATES

Candidates who are eligible to undertake an examination for rank promotion are required to submit correctly completed application forms, supporting documents, original points cards and other records as per the JFA National Grading Policy, and Application Form – 1st Dan to 3rd Dan Grading, to the Judo SA Grading Technical Board and Grading Panel via the Judo SA office no later than:

Monday, April 22nd, 2018


For JudoSA’s process for Shodan to Sandan, please refer to the JudoSA Dan Grade Policy and the Kata Assessment Procedure available from the JudoSA website via the link below:


Please complete your personal details on the Application form –  1st Dan to 3rd Dan.

Download it from the J.F.A. web site via the link Below:


Make sure you also send your $50 Admin Fee either by cheque, money order or direct to Judo SA, or by EFT: BSB 105 900 Acc No. 954110440.  Note: Please Identify the grade payment with your name.

Please contact me if you have any queries regarding the requirements.

 Michael Headland

Chair, Grading Technical Board and Grading Panel, Judo SA

 mheadlandtiger@gmail.com / 0413 359 407

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