AGM 2019 – Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the members of The Judo Federation of Australia (South Australia) Inc. will be held at-

 Conference Centre, Office of Recreation and Sport

27 Valetta Road, Kidman Park, S.A.

On 16/8/19 commencing at 6.00pm 

The following documents relevant to the 2019 AGM can be downloaded below:

AGM 2019 – Notice – click here

AGM 2019 – Call for nominations for positions of Elected Director – click here

AGM 2019 – Nomination Form for Elected Directors v1. 0 – click here

JFA (SA) Inc. – Information for nominees for position of Elected Director – click here

JFA (SA) Inc. – Volunteer Director Competencies – click here

JFA (SA) Inc. – Overview of role of Board of Directors – click here

JFA (SA) Inc. – Board Charter – click here

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