2022 JudoSA State Titles

What an amazing day, some great judo played. Also a Great turnout by the supporters and everyone following the COVID Rules, What a great group of people to spend the day with.

Club participating in the competition where Adelaide University Judo Club, Kangaroo Judo Club, Kazoku Judokan, Parafield Gardens Judo Club, University of South Australia Judo Club, Whyalla Judo Club.

We even have a couple of Kata’s both receiving Bronze for their chosen Katas which were Nage-No-Kata and Ju-No-Kata so brilliant to watch.

Competitors range from 5th Kyu Yellow belts to 4th Dan – Yondan which is great to see and the younger ones watching the senior fights.

As always thank you to the amazing Volunteers/Judoka who help with the setup for the competition, and those who help with the packing up it is greatly appreciated, or those who help with all of the little which make a competition great, all working under the direction of Roman Z from Kangaroo, with technical Support remotely from Sean Wright.

See you all at the next competition in May 2022

Below are just some of the beautiful photos taken on the day (if you have some you would like included then please send them to info@judosa.com.au and we will include them.

Boys Under 27Kg
Boys Under 32Kg
Boys Under 40Kg
Boys Under 36kg

Mixed Under 55Kg
Girls Under 57Kg
Girls Under 57Kg
Girls Under 44 Kg
Mens Under 66Kg
Senior Mens Under 73Kg
Senior Mens Under 100Kg
Senior Mens Open
Referees Award 2022 Outstanding Player
Olivia Hobby Parafield Gardens Judo Club
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