2019 JudoSA Award Night

The 2019 JudoSA Award Night was held on 1st February 2020
 at the Para Hills Community Club in Para Hills,
what a turnout with about 60 people (around 20 families)
 helping to support this year’s dedicated Judoka Nominees.

Celebrating this beautiful night with our
Life Members, Board of Directors, Non-Playing Members,
along with their understanding families.

Our Amazing Clubs were represented by Judoka’s from
Adelaide Aiki Judo, Elizabeth Special Needs Judo, Finder Uni Judo,
Gawler Judo, Kangaroo Judo, Kazoku Judokan,
Parafield Gardens Judo, Platinum Judo, SA Judo Academy,
Tiger Judo, Western Youth Judo and Whyalla Judo.

WOW that is 12 out of 17 Clubs, all our clubs should be so proud of what they are doing to help build Judo in this great state of OURS.

The Category Trophies were based on the competition results,
while the Perpetual Trophies considered each Judokas outstanding dedication or achievement and results throughout the year.
Which the Board of Directors voted on, the most Votes won.

Finally JudoSA would like to express how thrilled they are with
all of the Clubs, seeing them grow and helping to build some
potential champions of the future. The Judoka themselves at the different ways each of you are working tirelessly to teach, learn
and grow your own Judo Families!!!!

Life Members Heather & Trevor Kschammer, Chris and Harry Hustig,
Board Members, Mark Skanes, Caroline Hobby, Jason Polgreen,
Senior Players Riccardo Roccisano, Shae Woollatt-Prosser, Olivia Hobby,
Junior Players T Atktinson, T Hobby, L Roach and K Simes
#Team JudoSA – to share Photos
Judo – A Way of Life
First Comes FUN,
Then you become FRIENDS
Junior Boy – Lincoln Roach – SA Judo Academy
Junior Girl – Kayla Simes – Parafield Gardens Judo Club

Senior Boy – Tyson Atkinson – SA Judo Academy
Senior Girl – Tara Hobby – Parafield Gardens Judo Club

Cadet Male – Boris Glushkov – Platinum Judo Club
Cadet Female – Olivia Hobby – Parafield Gardens Judo Club

Junior Male – Boris Glushkov – Platinum Judo Club
Junior Female – Olivia Hobby – Parafield Gardens Judo Club

No Limits – Shae Woollatt- Prosser – Platinum Judo Club

Senior Male – James Sprules – Kazoku Judokan
Senior Female – Amy Meyer – SA Judo Academy

Outstanding Players of the Year 2019

Junior Female – Tara Hobby – Parafield Gardens Judoo Club
Junior Male – Lincoln Roach – SA Judo Academy
Senior Female – Olivia Hobby – Parafield Gardens Judo Club
Senior Man – Riccardo Roccisano – Adelaide Aiki Judo Club

Volunteer of the Year – Ricky Corben – Adelaide University Judo Club
Email:- info@judosa.com.au  
Celebrating South Australian Judoka with A Way of Life!  
Missing from photos are Ricky Corben, James Sprules, Amy Meyer, Boris Glushkov.
Olivia Hobby
Proud Little Sister Too!!
T Hobby
Proud Little brother

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