2022 National Judo Championships – Update

Congratulations to all Judoka who attended the 2022 Australian National Judo Championship, once again you have done Judo in South Australia proud, along with your families, clubs and Coaches. There were so outstanding fights in most weight divisions, however you still come home with some medals, and some come with new skills, and understanding of how to improve for the next competition. Results will be posted after this update of this past weekend.

This year we had members from Adelaide University Judo Club, Kazuko Judokan, Parafield Gardens Judo Club, with 7 junior members, 4 cadets, 12 senior players, these amasing players competed in 32 events over the weekend, along with the 2 State Coaches Tony Barks, James Bradbury, and Team Manager Deborah Brunet, joining them was JudoSA President Jason Polgreen attend to support our members along with their families. Some members showed their dedication to the Judo by also participating in the Kata Workshop which was also held of the weekend, so some of there also attending the Training Camp which is also being held this week.

2022 Australian National Group Photo
James Bradbury Coach, Eran Olsen SMO100kg, Brenton Hobby Veteran U73kg, Tony Barks Coach
Ethan Bradbury Cadet U73kg, Brian Kim JM U66kg, B Olsen Cadet U50kg,
James Sprules SMU100kg, Christain Alber SMU90kg, Olivia Hobby SWU63kg
Missing Deb Brunet Team Manager, T Mockford Cadet U57kg, Susanne Wells SMU57kg, Shamit Singla SMU60kg, Simes Cadet U73kg,

Our players who entered had some really hard Fights, some of which were won while others weren’t, there were some brilliant transitions, trying different moves, with a couple of them competing in their first Nationals – so be proud we are.

Outstanding efforts for our three teams who competed in their chosen Kata.
Junior Kata – Nage-No-Kata
T Brunet- Greseque and R Bowden-Smith with a Score of 194.00 – 2nd Silver
Senior Kata – Ju-No-Kata
Scott C Smith and Richard Lewis with a score of 360.5 – 2nd Silver
Senior Kata – Kime-No-Kata
Masahiko Motoyama and Binh Tran with a score of 485.5 – 1st Gold

Junior Kata – Nage-No-Kata – 2nd Place Silver
Senior Kata – Scott Smith and Richard Lewis Ju-No-Kata – 2nd Place Silver
Senior Kata – Masahiko Motoyama and Binh Tran Kime-No-Kata – 1st Place Gold

Junior/Senior Boys and Girls
Placement of JudoSA Competitors
Senior Boy U30kg T Brunet- Greseque – Gold,
Junior Boy U32kg L Tingey Difficult Fights – DNP
Senior Boy U36kg R Bowden-Smith – Bronze
Senior Girl U44kg Y Choi – Gold,
Senior Boy U50kg I Choi Really Hard Fights – DNP
Senior Girl U52kg E Hubner – 7th Place
Senior Girl U57kg K Simes – 5th Place

Gold for Y Choi Senior Girl U44kg
Junior Members along with Jason Polgreen – President of JudoSA

Cadets Men and Women
Placement of JudoSA Competitors
Cadet Men U50kg B Olsen – 5th Place
Cadet Women U57kg – T Mockford – Hard Fights -DNP
Cadet Men U73kg – E Bradbury – Fought hard -DNP
Cadet Men U73kg – Cameron Simes – Difficult Fight – DNP

Junior Men and Women
Placement of JudoSA Competitors
Junior Women U63kg – Olivia Hobby – 2nd Silver
Junior Men U66kg – Brian Kim – Difficult fights – DNP

Senior Men and Women
Placement of JudoSA Competitors
Senior Women U57kg – Susanne Wells – Awesome Fights – 7th Place
Senior Women U63Kg – Olivia Hobby – 3rd Place
Senior Men U60Kg – Shamit Singla -Really Difficult Fights – DNP
Senior Men U90kg – Christian Alber – Massive Effort – DNP
Senior Men U100kg James Sprules – 3rd Bronze

Kyu Grade Mens and Women
Kyu Grade Women U57kg – Susanne Wells – Massive Effort – 7th Place
Kyu Grade U60kg – Shamit Singla – Difficult Fights – 7th Place
Kyu Grade U66kg – Brian Kim – Really Hard fights – DNP
Kyu Grade Over 100kg – Eran Olsen – Hard Fights -3rd Place No Medal

Veteran Men Kyu Grade
U73kg V6 – Brenton Hobby – 1st Gold
U90kg V2 – Christian Alber – 1st Gold
Over 100kg – Eran Olsen – 1st Gold

Eran Olsen Veteran Mens +100kg 1st Place Gold
Senior Mens U100kg 3rd Place – James Sprules
Christain Alber Veterans Mens U90kg 1st Gold

A Special Mention goes to Brenton Hobby – Australian National Champion 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022 in Veteran V6 U73kg. Congrats Brenton.

Australian National Champion Brenton Hobby retains his titles 2018, 2019, 2021 and again in 2022.
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